Is America Catching up with Canada?

Is America Catching up with Canada?

Imagine if it works...

The power of mind can change behavioral habits. It’s funny how people think and come to different outcomes through different paths. Recently, researchers have found that replacing calories displayed for the amount of time needed to jog swayed a high percentage of teenagers to purchase lower calorie drinks.

It’s hard to say at this point whether the switch resulted from realization or the idea of running. I would imagine that it was a little of both. This research in actuality isn’t all that new. In fact Canada has used negative aspects for quite a while to discourage unhealthy purchases.

The main campaign that Canada uses negative images on is tobacco products. They put extremely graphic images right on the cigarette packs. The images can be anything from rotten teeth to cancerous images.

I often secretly wished that the same was done here, I mean I wonder how many people would still light up if they had to look at a disgusting image each time they wanted a cigarette. It’d be nice if images could be shown on every unhealthy product. Like for instances our poor nutritional food items.

Just imagine looking at a 400 pound person on the packaging of Oreo Cookies. I’m willing to bet that a lot of people would leave them sitting on the shelves. That could very well be the reason we don’t use graphic warnings, I imagine the food production companies would fight it tooth and nail. Of course the right thing to do is to maybe consider producing healthier alternatives, oddly I don’t see that ever happening.