Are Pill Mill Operators finally being seen as the Drug Dealers that they are?

Are Pill Mill Operators finally being seen as the Drug Dealers that they are?

Prescription drugs can cause the same addiction problems that illegal drugs cause

Whatever happened to the good ole days of marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogenic? I’m not saying they were great, though at least people knew what they were taking and other people knew what to expect from someone taking these substances. Now we still have them, though we also have a whole smorgasbord substances that can create any number of reactions.

There are pills for any number of problems, most people only take pills if their doctor has prescribed them. Unfortunately many people take them to get high, often more than one type. This can cause moderate to severe drug interactions.

Doctors normally make sure that they aren’t giving a patient a drug that can interact with another drug. Unfortunately addicts can bypass this by visiting their local Pill Mill. Pill Mills give out Pharmaceuticals, personally I look at them like the new drug dealers, after all they’re basically the same minus the dark shady street corner.

 Pill Mills and the addiction that Pill Mills feed have led to them finally being seen as the drug dealers that they are. In fact prison sentences are beginning to be handed down with similar time amounts that standard illegal drugs would bring in, although it’s hard to say whether or not the sentence requirement is the same. For example a Florida man who was a co-owner of a Pill Mill recently received a 15 year sentence for illegally distributing 20 million pills, though that wasn’t his only crime. He also was charged with racketeering conspiracy and 2nd degree murder, resulting from a drug overdose. Actual drug dealers don’t keep records therefore they can only be charged with the amount of drugs that they happen to have on hand.