A Cure for Alzheimers by 2025 - maybe

A Cure for Alzheimers by 2025 - maybe

Imagine the lives that it'll impact

Is the goal of having a new drug to combat Alzheimer’s by 2025 to unrealistic? Many say that it is and there is a fear that drug companies will give up altogether. This is a nice goal, yet it may very well be out of reach.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible fact of life for countless people that alter the lives of not only those who have it, also those around them. My mother n law was diagnosed around 6 or 7 years ago after beating cancer. We watched as  she turned into a different person. The once confident strong woman that we all knew had become incapable of caring for herself.

She now lives with her brother and we take turns caring for her. He has had to completely alter his life. We switch off every couple days so that neither one of us become too overwhelmed.  She has good days and bad days, when she is having a bad day everyone is having a bad day.

She’s been known to break down crying for no reason at all. She’s very childlike, sometimes when she’s done eating or she doesn’t care for what you made she’ll pick up her plate and throw it upside down on the table or the floor. Anytime that you leave the room, she ‘ll think that she’s being talked about and instantly go into a tantrum.

Having a drug for Alzheimer’s that actually helps would be amazing not only for those who might have it in the future, also for anyone who is currently suffering. It can also be a lifesaver for the people who have to care for their loved ones who happen to have Alzheimer’s. I would love to see a drug by 2025. I’m not sure whether it’s doable or not, at the very least it’s a step in the right direction.