A fresh Glass of Pharmaceuticals

A fresh Glass of Pharmaceuticals

Do you Know What's in Your Drinking Water?


Bottled water is essential for many reasons. Naturally it’s great to eat for overall good health. It’s also good to ensure that you know what is going into your body.

Every now and again we’re reminded that Americans take so many pills that the bulk of them go right through the body and are then flushed back into the water supply. Also some people have been known to flush medicines that they no longer need. This has in a sense contaminated our water supply that people drink every day for good health. In addition to water being contaminated through regular use, many hospitals have been known to flush unused medications.

Even though our water supply is thoroughly cleaned before it comes through each faucet, the cleaning process still isn’t getting it all. Our drinking water can contain any number of prescription drugs ranging from painkillers, anti-depressants, blood pressure pills and even sex hormones. These are all medicines that the average person doesn’t need in their drinking water.

The best way to avoid drinking someone else’s pills is to just have clean uncontaminated water on hand at all times. This can be accomplished in several ways. You can order your water and have it delivered to your doorstep, though the cost of this can fluctuate depending on which carrier you use and where you live. You can also buy bottled water, though buying single bottles can become expensive.  Another option is to refill your own jugs of water at your local grocery store, most grocery stores now have a place that will allow you to fill bottles up with fresh water.