Have we Become Completely drug dependent?

Have we Become Completely drug dependent?

We have a drug for every ailment imaginable. I’m not just talking about prescription drugs, I mean all drugs from A to Z. The slightest little problem can be remedied by reaching into the medicine cabinet.

Obviously some medications are necessary, though many are redundant and should be left alone. If we can’t sleep we have sleeping pills, aspirin for headaches, and tums for upset stomachs, you name we have something for it. Many doctors hand out prescriptions like they are candy. If someone is a little blue they can go pick up a prescription for Prozac or some other similar pill.

The question that needs to be asked is what exactly is the cost of having a pill for everything? Aren’t headaches and upset stomachs natural? Isn’t it normal to occasionally have a restless night? What will happen if our body quits healing itself? All of these are question that should raise concern. Our ancestors were able to fight off minor ailments without unneeded medication.

In the past if someone was a little down, they would work through it until it had passed. Imagine what would happen if we suddenly lost the ability to fight off a little melancholy. If we lost our natural defense to ward off emotional sadness would it leave us in a state of severe sadness that never really went away?

I know all of these pills aren’t needed. I know this through my own life, there have been numerous times when I have had a headache and just never got around to taking aspirin and amazingly my headache just naturally went away every time. In my mind, that proves that the body is perfectly capable of fighting off little things like headaches and therefore it only makes since that we don’t need a pill for every single discomfort that we suffer.