Keeping a Journal can Save Your Life

Keeping a Journal can Save Your Life

Document every change so that you and your Doctor can assess any possible medical risk

Prescription drugs are usually prescribed with the purpose of improving a person’s health. Unfortunately, many prescription drugs have been found to have severe side effects. Additionally, some prescriptions are considered high risk and have been associated with heart attacks, strokes and many other life threatening medical problems.

It’s normal to question how you can make sure that you will remain safe with the prescription drug that you are currently taking. The first thought that always comes is to talk with your doctor. Your doctor can warn you of possible dangers that are associated with your current medication. Another good idea is to document any changes you experience or anything out of the ordinary, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s that important. The reason for this is that this can help your doctor to see a pattern of early danger signs that can lead to possible medication risk.

In addition to trying to catch risk signs, documentation will help to recognize possible drug interactions and even allergies that you and your doctor hadn’t initially expected. The hardest part of documentation that you’ll need to work on is actually documenting everything. Often small changes are overlooked and therefore are never reported.

An example of these small changes might be as simple as an increase in bathroom visits. This is easily overlooked simply because of the abundant outside possibilities. If you drank more than usual you may very well have an extra bathroom visit or two. As you can see from that example, documenting will take practice to get everything documented.