More ADHD Drugs! Drugs for Every Preschooler!

More ADHD Drugs! Drugs for Every Preschooler!

Generally, I tend to agree with the American Academy of Pediatrics. I think that television is simply not good for children, and I’m completely against spanking, which I think should be illegal in every state. I think vaccinations are generally very important, though delaying them until children are a bit older these days is also okay in my book (not something I thought of, but once I read about it and met people who do this, I get it).

They do, however, sometimes make mistakes. They’re human, after all. In a misguided attempt at making people who suffer from FGM (female genital mutilation) come forward for treatment, they released a statement last year that nearly supported it—only to retract the statement after getting lots of negative feedback.

Now they have stated that they are updating not only their guidelines for diagnosis of ADHD, but also the very treatments used to treat such patients—and by update, they unfortunately do not mean “restrict.” Instead, they are expanding their guidelines and treatments to cover children as young as four years of age.

This is such an atrocious announcement. We already have children being misdiagnosed and over-drugged in droves for being “too hyperactive” or “inattentive”—something that a little bit of time outside and play in general could perhaps solve—and now we’re going to do the same thing to our preschoolers?

Tell me, doctors, how do you know a four-year-old is having “academic problems” when he or she isn’t even old enough to have them? How can you label a child as being hyperactive, inattentive, or impulsive when these terms, in fact, define what it means to be a child to begin with? You are basically giving children drugs for being children so you can make a pretty penny off of it, and I am sure your drug pushers are happy with you for it. I don’t know how much Love and Other Drugs is based on truth, but I can bet that doctors are getting plenty of perks for diagnosing kids with the problem of being kids.

Perhaps some children need some help with ADHD; I don’t know for sure. But parents, please be your child’s advocates and do not allow doctors to push drugs onto him or her! This is about business and money, not health. Let your child play more and do less homework and I bet any issues you have will start to clear up shortly.