Pumping Parties becoming increasingly Lethal

Pumping Parties becoming increasingly Lethal

The high cost of beauty


Unless you live under a rock in Siberia and lack access to the world wide web, you have probably at least heard of the growing cases of illegal cosmetic surgeries taking place. By merely going online, you have most likely come across at least one gruesome picture of a victim of a criminal cosmetic surgery gone wrong. This week a man died in less than 24 hours from his surgery performed by a Kasia Rivera who in fact wasn’t even a doctor.

The victim was 22 years old and had received penis silicone injections at a pumping party. He had died from a silicone embolism that created a clot to his lungs. I long ago decided to live with what I was born with and I imagine just shy of his death the victim had wished that he had also decided to live with what he had.

Pumping Parties are a strange trend that has grown in popularity. They are parties that people can go to and receive illegal Botox injections and apparently now silicone injections also known as filler injections.  Filler injections can either be fat, Juvederm or silicone.

Having these injections done by a licensed cosmetic physician has enough risk, having them done at a so called pumping party is rather scary and I’m sorry stupid. I’m not trying to purposely call people stupid, it’s just is the cost of beauty really worth throwing all caution to the wind? I’ve always secretly wanted full plump lips, regardless of that want I would never endanger my well-being or life for sexy lips.