Put Down the Bottle and Grab some Acid

Put Down the Bottle and Grab some Acid

New study suggest LSD can benefit alcoholics

Pharmaceutical just might be turning to drugs, real drugs that is. We have already seen the a few states making use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, now we may be seeing that trend increase into other drug uses. LSD just might be next on topic for medicine.

A new study has shown that LSD could benefit alcoholics get and remain sober. In fact it could be advisable to pull out the old acid test from the 1960’s and 1970’s to see just how beneficial LSD could be for various medical issues. In the Norwegian study that tested 536 alcoholics there was a 60% success rate in getting alcoholics to sober up and stay sober. Unfortunately LSD doesn’t provide a one-time cure and therefore continuous use may be needed.

Alcoholism has been a problem that affects many people each year, including the people around them. If alcoholics can clean up with the use of LSD that would be great. No more senseless drunkenness, though we would probably have new problems. We would have nonfunctional alcoholics turned into useless acid trippers.

It would be nice to see a sociological experiment ran alongside more scientific studies so that we would have a look at the possible sociological aspects that could arise with treating alcoholism with LSD. Really we would be trading one substance for another. It has been argued that the same is done with methadone treatment and heroin, however methadone is given to fight severe heroin withdraws. When it comes right down to it, I guess like any other drug you take the good with the bad.