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Question for everyone

So I am fairly certain that I have reherniated a couple of my disks and I know I have a pretty seriously compressed sciatic (read as...I am in pain). Here is the problem...I got laid off a couple of months ago and I am currently in the process of getting insurance. So I can't go to a doctor to get any meds until my plan has been approved (I think my carrier might balk a little if they knew I had a serious back problem). I am told that it will be another 2-4 weeks before my insurance takes effect. I am in pretty serious pain and need to get some meds. I have checked out a few sites and here is my question: If I do one of these medical consulting things online, do they report their evaluations somewhere that an insurance company could see? What is the best avenue to get a two to three week supply of meds? Once my insurance goes into effect, I am sure I will be able to get whatever I need through the doctor. Thanks in advance for your help!