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Flesh-Eating Skin Disease Likely Attributed to Cocaine

Have you heard about the latest flesh-eating disease that’s hitting areas like L.A. and New York City? I’m not talking about a new George Romero flick, though the photos could definitely be used in such films. People are having parts of their ears, cheeks, and noses rot off their own faces, and apparently the culprit is cocaine.

More than eighty percent of the cocaine cut in the United States is done with the veterinary drug levamisole, which is a deworming agent for livestock. You might think that the risk of developing a flesh-eating zombie disease would deter people from using coke, but I guess the lure of the high is stronger than the instinct to not have your flesh eaten off.

Of course, I’ve never been addicted to anything other than caffeine—and maybe a few other legal things—so I can’t even begin to guess how such an addiction must be. But what a side effect, right? As much as I’d like for people to stop using hard drugs, nobody deserves this crap.

Users should take note that the cocaine in question isn’t just in these two cities, either; it’s all across the country. So please be careful out there.