January 2012

Acai Diet Pills Busted - Not Breaking News after all

If only we can get the other fake pages removed

How many times have you been surfing the web and came across an Acai Diet pill news story? Now each time that I came across it I was a little puzzled simply because it literally looked like a news story. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed unlikely. Unfortunately, not everyone realized that they were reading an ad made to look like a reputable news article. Many people were duped into spending money on Acai products as a result of their fraudulent acts.

Are Pill Mill Operators finally being seen as the Drug Dealers that they are?

Prescription drugs can cause the same addiction problems that illegal drugs cause

Whatever happened to the good ole days of marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogenic? I’m not saying they were great, though at least people knew what they were taking and other people knew what to expect from someone taking these substances. Now we still have them, though we also have a whole smorgasbord substances that can create any number of reactions.