March 2012

Have we Become Completely drug dependent?

We have a drug for every ailment imaginable. I’m not just talking about prescription drugs, I mean all drugs from A to Z. The slightest little problem can be remedied by reaching into the medicine cabinet.

Obviously some medications are necessary, though many are redundant and should be left alone. If we can’t sleep we have sleeping pills, aspirin for headaches, and tums for upset stomachs, you name we have something for it. Many doctors hand out prescriptions like they are candy. If someone is a little blue they can go pick up a prescription for Prozac or some other similar pill.

Should Beta-blockers be used to Fight Racism?

"When we look at racism which resulted from upbringing, there just isn’t any fear attached."

A popular heart drug has been used on volunteer test subjects to access its effect on alleviating racial thoughts on the subconscious level. The theory is that racism is built off of subconscious fear and therefore if a beta-blocker that blocked the brains neurotransmitters that led to fear were used then racism would decrease.

Then you have to ask whether or not all racism evolved from fear. I for one don’t believe that all racism is based on fear and if all racism doesn’t stem from fear then taking a beta-blocker wouldn’t necessarily work. Racism just isn’t that simple, it comes from many sources. It’s true some racist thoughts are based on fear, such as the type that is an extreme of stereotyping in example, when a person becomes uncomfortable when in a neighborhood that is dominantly one specific race. That type of racism is most likely fear based.

Put Down the Bottle and Grab some Acid

New study suggest LSD can benefit alcoholics

Pharmaceutical just might be turning to drugs, real drugs that is. We have already seen the a few states making use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, now we may be seeing that trend increase into other drug uses. LSD just might be next on topic for medicine.

A new study has shown that LSD could benefit alcoholics get and remain sober. In fact it could be advisable to pull out the old acid test from the 1960’s and 1970’s to see just how beneficial LSD could be for various medical issues. In the Norwegian study that tested 536 alcoholics there was a 60% success rate in getting alcoholics to sober up and stay sober. Unfortunately LSD doesn’t provide a one-time cure and therefore continuous use may be needed.